Recently awarded the Kones Cultural Award for best argentinian pianist for his career from 2009 through 2019, and considered "one of the best Argentine pianists" (Buenos Aires Herald - P.Bardin) and a "pianist of extraordinary talent" (Lazar Berman), Antonio Formaro has consolidated his career both for his technical brilliance and interpretative depth, as well as for his extraordinary musical training, which earned him the title "PhD in musicicology" by the UCA (Argentine Catholic University) in the specialty of musicology and interpretation for his doctoral thesis on the piano work of Felix Mendelssohn, which places him in a unique way among the Latin American pianists. His authority about the work of this composer was recognized by the Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft in Berlin, to which he was appointed member in 2017.
Since his debut at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires at age 17 and his first international tour in 1999, Maestro Formaro has been the soloist for the most important orchestras in Argentina, Latin America and several European, also offering recitals in the most prestigious halls with praiseworthy reviews that have led him to make his debut at the legendary Gewandhaus in Leipzig (Germany) at the end of 2015. From there his presentations in this hall, the Pianistic Festival of Bologna, La Mendelssohn-Saal in Berlin, the Philarmionie Hradec Kralove at the Czech Republic and the Academy Saint Martin in the Fields in London among others, they have happened uninterruptedly, making his debut at the Konzerthaus in Viena this last July 2018.
Since 2016, Formaro has been touring Argentina as part of the "Las huellas del piano" project, which was declared “Of interest” by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, and includes the making of a documentary about the tours that since the beginning of the 20th century took great pianists throughout the country, documenting the pianos, rooms and musical associations that paid home to this wonderful recitals.
Born in Wilde, province of Buenos Aires, Formaro was taught by Perla Brúgola and Manuel Rego, the later being the one who left a profound influence on his internationaly ecognized performance skills. Maestro Formaro made his final professional formation in Europe with Lazar Berman (Russia), after which he was awarded in the XI Contest Pazailiz of Lithuania.
He has recorded 4 CDs that reflect both his "expertise" in Mendelssohn, and in the promotion of the Argentine repertoire. He has also graduated as Professor of Piano at the National Conservatory "Lopez Buchardo" and a professional degree of Composition of the Faculty of Arts and Music Sciences of the UCA, where he directs the Department of the Piano career. He also dictates chamber music at the National University of Lanús and offers Master's Seminars at the National University of Rosario, extended during 2018 to the rest of Latin America, and on this 2019, adding Europa, as he travels to the old continent for his largest European tour ever.

"One of the best Argentine pianists" Pablo Bardin, B.A. Herald)